Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teen T-Mom & G-Mom (starring Sara and Marcy and little Anna)


Two years ago, troubled teen Stephen Stewart became a dad, and like many young men his age, he was avoiding his responsibilities to his son Adam and Adam’s mother Bethany. Then she died in a car wreck with her mom and dad, and care of the baby fell to the hapless boy.

Steve’s dad Michael couldn’t get through to his son that he needed to prioritize his life, and after being picked up for public intoxication, Judge John Merritt met with Mike , who had an unusual plan.

To avoid jail and not being around his child, Steve would have to let doctors change his body into that of a young woman named Sara. The kid resisted, but soon Sara found herself loving her new shape and her wilder tendencies settled down.

After 3 months, Sara returned to her family, and was shocked: Mike fulfilled his hidden dream of being a woman, and Marcy embraced her daughter and told her “Welcome to motherhood,dear.”

Today, the Stewarts are celebrating Anna’s 2nd birthday – with two lovely role models, she’s destined to follow her pretty mommy and sexy grandma.

Sara’s bikini body landed her a handsome boyfriend who her Mom really likes.

Marcy’s guy – Judge John – approves of how all three sad males turned out to be happy beauties!

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