Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Symbiotic Relationship (starring Janis and daughter Kimberly)

A Symbiotic Relationship

Jerry Caldwell, 42, thought he found the perfect apartment for him and his college bound son, Kevin, 18. It was spacious, well appointed, and rent too good to be true. The guys shrugged up the fact that the landlord had not cleared out the two sets of female wardrobe – each with a slinky, silky little black dress.

The dress material was neither synthetic nor a naturally grown

fabric – it was a living alien being that sought out the duo as they slept.

The ET dresses now fit the altered gender of Janis” and “Kimberly”, and the new mother and daughter were soon hitting the clubs together, in search of men who would enjoy cramming their big cocks deep inside their warm quivering slits.

The nanites from the dresses had evolved the simple males into feminine seductresses!


Anonymous said...

Great caption... I love the thought of the dresses slithering over them whilst they slept and bonding to them, turning them into hot girls as they moaned and writhed. I bet they love being daughter and mom now!

Annabelle Raven said...

Glad you like it Evie... I will remember that ;)