Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surreality TV (starring Prue, Patti, Sondra, Julia and Ashley)

The men of Demetrius family felt that if some goofy Guido's from Jersey came find fame, fortune and babes from their reality show, so can they. So cousins Paul and Andy convinced the three brothers – Paul Sr, Andy’s dad John, and the kid brother Sam, to sign the contract without consulting the family attorney.

Too bad; there was no network, and the executive producer ran off without a trace, leaving the five guys made over into three sexy Greek “cougars” – two of which were “moms” to their hottie daughters, while one was just the slutty aunt.

Their reputation ruined, the quintet decided that if they looked like Garden State TV rejects, that they may as well relocate to Newark and try and catch the eye of a rep of the networks scouting talent.

Meanwhile, they have gotten pretty talented at scouting which hot guys they party with – sensitive guys who can appreciate fake tits and spray tan!

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