Sunday, December 25, 2011

Salute to Evie's Backburner: The Perfect Daughter

There are several "go-to" blogs that I check out regularly: Knights, Tiffany, Diane Leonard, Steffi, and Amy's to name a few... and Evie's Backburner is always on that short list. Evie is a British "bird", a golden blonde who enjoys being a girl - innocent or not. Often not ;)

And she is a fabulous captioneer and a has a lot of galpals in the TG "neighborhood" of which I am one of. Actually, I think she may be the T-girl daughter I've always wanted. In fact, her shout out to me kind of confirms that feeling:

Annabelle Raven:
If I had to have a mother who would feminise me into her naughty daughter so we could spend all our time hanging out together being magnificently beautiful together and twisting guys around our little fingers... sigh, having a moment.

And then she makes the following caption
- (sniff) oh I feel like such a proud mother...
Please visit her awesome blog right now - and Evie, my sweet girl, we have some after holiday shopping to do tomorrow. Meet you at the boutique. We'll find us something sexy to wear on Friday night out.
Love, Mom (aka Annie) xxoo


Alectra said...

You are right she would make the perfect daughter and that I know because she is the perfect sister!

We all come to love Evie in one way or another, ummmm I'll make sure to visit the mother then more often *giggle*

You do some great caps and I've been not so attentive of your talent!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

Evie said...

Oooh, I soooo want to be your perfect little daughter and I will be! We should definitely hit the shops and buy as much stuff as we can, even better if we can find some hunky blokes who will pay for it all.

And who wouldn't? When Annabelle and her daughter Evie get together, no one can stop them!

Annabelle Raven said...

Alectra - she is pretty loveable isn't she. It seems like she has a lot of sisters that she loves to hang with and get her girl with. Does that mean I have more than one daughter? ;) The more the merrier! Alectra, I need to spend more time going over to your blog and giving you a little "parental guidance" With Evie, I think we're both influencing the other, and maybe we could do the same for each other. Thanks for the kind words sweetie XXOO

Annabelle Raven said...

Evie love - I know what you;re capable of little girl. I can certainly teach you, but I bet you can show me a thing or two as well. I'm working on a series of special caps now about just the two of us. I'm very confident that nobody - no man - can handle what we have it store. XXOO

Love, your Mom.