Friday, December 23, 2011

Ring Belles (starring Katie and mom Jean)

Ring Belles
A Christmas Story
As a amateur boxer, Joe O’Farrell was short and scrawny but a proud Irish American who never gave ground. He has a great role model for his lookalike son Kevin, but dad and son often clashed and went hand to hand to the embarrassment of Joe’s sister Bernadette. Bernie dreaded having her brother and nephew, fueled by whiskey, being louts this Christmas.

. Imagine her shock when two beautiful women – seemingly a ginger headed young woman and her lovely mother – knocking on her door for the holiday dinner. It seems that Mother Christmas transformed the boys into the darling Katie, 25, and Jean, 56.

But a little bit of that O’Farrell competitive juice was still there. After dinner, the trio went caroling with others in the neighborhood. Bernie’s neighbor introduced her cousin Sean, who just moved there from County Cork. Sean was tall, dark, handsome, and the former guys couldn’t help themselves! Seems that both Katie and Jean wanted Sean under their tree – where they could open his “Christmas package”!

Mother and daughter both shamelessly flirted with Sean; as Bernie rolled her eyes , the new girls in her families were still ready to fight!


Anonymous said...

Just found your site and love the themes. This one struck my fancy due to the Irish link, not to mention the great image and caps. I look forward to your future posts. I love prom and pageant themes.

Annabelle Raven said...

Thx Alice. I have a good amount of caps material that you should enjoy. Merry Christmas!