Saturday, December 3, 2011

Returning the Favor (starring Kimberly and her mother Irina)

Returning the Favor

Kyle Waters knew that his dad Ian certainly understood his need to be a woman. Since she came out as Kimberly while in college, Ian stood by his daughter as she struggled with acceptance from family and so- called friends. She had inherited her Dad’s size and muscle mass, and cried as many taunted her lack of feminine appearance.

Researching gender identity, Ian discovered a nearby stream hidden in the woods near their house, that supposedly had magical properties. Kim thought Daddy was daft, but because she loved and respected him she accompanied him to a hidden spot; she disrobed and swam in.

The water tingled her skin, and amazingly, rough became soft, and bulky became lithe and curvy. As he put the silk robe around her girlish body, parent and child cried.

Grateful, Kimberly whispered, “Let me return the favor, - Mom!” and pushed Ian into the stream.

A year later, Kimberly escorted the lovely Irina. Mother and daughter would marry their fiancées by the stream.

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