Thursday, December 15, 2011

Noble Sacrifice


After the retrovirus took effect following the Great Terror, the males affected had to make a choice:

1) Fully embrace their newly shaped bodies and undergo further surgery and treatments so that they could live as true women, who were very much needed as humanity needed mothers to help repopulate the planet.


2) Live their lives nearly genderless as sad “neutrals” – neither men nor women, but a weak, impotent alternative.

As a family, Ivan Bruner and sons Victor and Marcus chose to take the path to womanhood together, so that they could support each other and regain some sanity in their lives. This visual taken after the DNA altering shows stoic “mother” Isabelle flanked by “daughters” Vanessa and Maya.

They were so unsure at the time, but since then they now blossomed in their roles as females. All three are married to strong, virile men and have given birth to some more beautiful girls.

Yes, in addition to her own child (the third Bruner) sister, Isabelle has two gorgeous granddaughters to adore…

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