Saturday, December 17, 2011

MOTB: Debt Restructuring (starring Crystal and daughters Phoebe and Dinah)

MOTB Tales:
Debt Restructuring

Crystal Rivers ran a successful wedding day makeup and photography consultant business. Her youngest nephew Phillip (19) was a shy boy who had a gift for hair care; his brother Dexter (20) was becoming quite the budding photographer.

Crystal’s brother Jonathan (42) was concerned about his boys working in such a “sissy” business; she shook her head as Jon couldn’t keep any steady work.

He owed her money – and after his recent dismissal, she called in her loan – in a very unique way.

“Smile Janine!,” cooed Crystal as her brother wore the beautiful ivory gown.

Jon had resisted the required change in order to absolve the debt; but the lingerie turned him on in a way he never dreamed. Crystal’s ex-husband Keith was very attracted to the pretty shemale, and after an incredible night as his lover, Janine saw the light.

Crystal then introduced her sister to her nieces – she had been dressing up Phoebe and Dinah for months, and they also had discovered how yummy men were.

Janine was overjoyed at her wedding; her daughters were at her side in sexy gowns – and the three of them would never forget that day. The young ladies and the groomsmen really enjoyed joining Keith and Mom at the romantic resort they booked for the honeymoon!

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