Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kendra's Reward (costarring mom Diana and sister Winona)

Kendra’s Reward

For an 11 year old, Kevin Howell showed tremendous maturity for his age. Some of the kids in his class were mocking Tara Grabowski, the new girl, because when it was Parent Day at school, Tara was teased for having a mother who had been the girl’s father before her sex change.

Kevin reported the incident to the Principal, who promptly disciplined the bullies. The Principal then called Kevin and his little brother Wesley, 6 to his office, to have a special meeting.

The principal grinned, “You did the right thing Kevin, and as a way to say thanks, I will buy you that cute teal dress you wanted!”

“Dad! You rock!,” the youngster said as he hugged his father, Principal David Howell.

That Saturday night, Kendra Howell beamed as she had her picture taken at the restaurant. Not only had her sometimes Mom Diana bought her that cute dress, she bought a pretty coral number for herself – and her little sis Winona had to wear something that matched their mom’s color!

Kendra and her family enjoyed their night out!

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