Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Party (3 generations. 11 lovely Xmas angels)

Holiday Party
Tom Jarvis hadn’t seen his brothers, sons, nephews and grandsons in years. He never thought he’d have them all in the house again – especially with everyone wearing dresses and makeup. They knew “Pops” was a crossdresser, and they wanted to surprise him – as her, so all the guys became girls for the holiday break.

But the real Santa saw the love in the family, and he added a little North Pole Pixie Dust to their tea. Now they’ll be girls for life, and Trudy will never be far from her loved ones. The new girls all returned home so that “Momma” show them love and teach them how to be good wives and girlfriends!

Who’s Who

1- Tom AKA Trudy , 65, “matriarch”

2- Mike AKA Mary, 45, Trudy’s daughter

3- Hank AKA Helen, 56, Trudy’s sister

4- Nate AKA Nicole, 28, Helen’s daughter

5- Steve AKA Sara, 30, Anne’s daughter

6- Leon AKA Laura, 34, Anne’s daughter

7- Alvin AKA Anne, 55, Trudy’s sister

8- Zach AKA Zoey, 8, Laura’s daughter

9- Will AKA Wendi, 11, Laura's daughter

10- Eli AKA Erica, 11, Mary’s daughter

11- Karl AKA Kate, 52, Trudy’s sister

1st Generation: Trudy has three younger sisters: Helen, Anne, and Kate.

2nd Generation: Trudy has one daughter, Mary. Helen has one daughter Nicole.

Anne has two daughters, Sara and Laura.

Kate has no kids , but she has 4 nieces!

3rd Generation: Mary has one daughter, Erica. Laura has two daughters, Zoey and Wendi. The young cousins are best friends, and they have lots of aunts, great aunts , moms and grandmoms to love!

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Courtney said...

Perfect for the holidays. That's a lot of gender changes!