Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dad's Dedication (starring Marybeth & Cynthia and Tanya & Brandie)

Dads Dedication
The Carlyle Academy, like many old line institutions, needed to address its diversity efforts in order to retain their state charter. Two alums, attorney Mike Prescott and pharmacist Tom Dailey, recommended that the school open its doors to transgendered students.

. That fall, Calvin and Benjamin, two young men with the gender identity of females, were enrolled and they shared a dorm room where they could dress as themselves: Cynthia and Brandy. They made super cute 13 year olds and they were popular with all students at the coed school.

That spring, they participated in the Mother/ Daughter Fashion show. To the left is Cyndi with her mom Marybeth, and at right is Tanya going down the aisle with Brandie. The headmaster had not met the girls’ mothers, until he realized that the gorgeous women were, in fact, board members Mike and Tom.

As his jaw dropped, Marybeth winked while Tanya put her finger to her painted lips to shush the educator. He had to admire their dedication – and their sexy legs!

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