Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Beautiful Tribute (starring Helene and Jennifer)

A Beautiful Tribute

Jesse Chin looked forward to dressing up for Halloween. After all, his dad, Dr. Henry Chin, took pride in dressing him and his son every year for the holiday. But this year was very special – right before Jesse graduated high school, his mom and Henry’s wife Betty was suddenly taken from them.

Going through her things, they came across an old photo of 6 year old Jesse and his mom and dad – all dressed as sugar plum faeires. “Betty, Helene, and Jennifer” the description read on the back.

On the morning of October 31, father and son spent a day at Jenkins Department store to carry out a mission – a tribute to Betty. As Helene and Jennifer, the guys-as-girls bought dresses, accessories, wigs and stopped by the salon for a little feminine pampering. Jen called Helene “Mom” and they truly felt like a mother-daughter combo. The store manager took a picture of them before they left for the party.

At the Halloween bash, the “girls” met a couple of friends who really liked how pretty and sexy they turned out. They shyly accepted dates and within 2 months, each were amazed at how wonderful it felt to have a virile man make love to them. Estrogen pills only fueled their new passions and gave them amazing curves. And after they undergo SRS, they know that they will becomes wives and women forever.

“Mom,” Jennifer said as she hugged Helene, “Our lives are now a tribute to our beloved Betty!”

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