Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 4-3-2-1 (starring

4…3… 2… 1!
“2012 will be a very interesting year,” Wayne Collins thought to him- no HERSELF as he felt a shift in the universe. “My sons and I are now all women, and nobody here seems to remember that 10 seconds ago, we were a dad and his three sons!"

"The kids all look so pretty in their dresses, and guys are fighting to get in front of them. And my lifelong friend Jerry is looking at me like he’s in love. I could slap him and yell at my new daughters to stop flirting – or I can be a good MOTHER, and enjoy my sex. I just hope that my girls - or myself – know what we’re doing when these guys want to take us home.”

“Girls! Meet me in the ladies room!”

“OK, Mom!”

Happy New Year Folks!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

House Rules (starring Tori, Rebecca, Angie and introducing Erica)

House Rules
“What the hell have I gotten us into?” Ed Rivers, 38, thought as he greeted guests in his pretty pink pant suit.

Ed lost his job and his bank account to gambling, and he had sent his son Andy, 17, to live with Ed’s big brother Tom, 40, and nephew Richie, 19. Ed vainly tried to shack up with his girlfriend but she eventually kicked him out, and with no recourse, Ed asked to join the trio in Tom’s house.

“Sure, bro, but it’s my house, you play by my rules.

Ed grimaced; he knew that Tom had been dressing as a girl since high school, and on the weekends, Tom was Tori – blonde, bubbly, and a happy mom to “daughter” Rebecca. Ed was shocked that his Andy had fallen in line as well.

“It’s fun!” chirped Angie. “Now let’s work on your makeup – Mom…”

The newly minted Erica was still adjusting to the bra straps and silky undies, when the doorbell rang.

“Our dates are here, and we hand picked your guy, sis,” cooed Tori.

Erica gulped – but seven hours later, the sisters and their daughters all came home with smiles on their faces. Soon, they went full time as four hot sexy blondes, each with a boyfriend!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MOTB: Together Again for the First Time (starring Greta, Jocelyn & Diana)

MOTB Tales: Together Again for the First Time

Daniel Murro, 57, and son Joseph, 36, were not welcome in the life of Joe’s son George, after George ran away at 16 to live life as a woman. Four years later, the Murro men got an invitation from Greta to meet for lunch and talk about a reconciliation – with conditions.

They balked at first, but the young woman’s charm and happiness was apparent, and between her and her gay friends who ran the bridal salon and boutique, Dan and Joe conceded to the planned changes.

“Everyone,” Greta said to her fiancee and his family, “meet my mother Jocelyn and my Nana Diana.”

Di was paired with Michael’s Uncle Lew, and Joy with his cousin Blake. Greta giggled, as she was happy to have her family back in her life – especially now that Mom & Nana had boyfriends as studly as her husband Mike!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Salute to Evie's Backburner: The Perfect Daughter

There are several "go-to" blogs that I check out regularly: Knights, Tiffany, Diane Leonard, Steffi, and Amy's to name a few... and Evie's Backburner is always on that short list. Evie is a British "bird", a golden blonde who enjoys being a girl - innocent or not. Often not ;)

And she is a fabulous captioneer and a has a lot of galpals in the TG "neighborhood" of which I am one of. Actually, I think she may be the T-girl daughter I've always wanted. In fact, her shout out to me kind of confirms that feeling:

Annabelle Raven:
If I had to have a mother who would feminise me into her naughty daughter so we could spend all our time hanging out together being magnificently beautiful together and twisting guys around our little fingers... sigh, having a moment.

And then she makes the following caption
- (sniff) oh I feel like such a proud mother...
Please visit her awesome blog right now - and Evie, my sweet girl, we have some after holiday shopping to do tomorrow. Meet you at the boutique. We'll find us something sexy to wear on Friday night out.
Love, Mom (aka Annie) xxoo

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little Helpers (2 BFFs and their daughters say "Merry Christmas friends" ;)


Tom Gaines, his son Paul, and Burt Lewis and his boys Jack and Sean were all laid off from the refinery on December 10. They were all desperate to find work, even if it was temporary. Or even embarrassing. "Santa's Little Helpers" the ad read.

But there was no mention of the costumes - or the magic pixie dust that changed the burly he-men into two hot moms and equally sexy daughters.

Of course, the guys rebelled, but soon fell in line with their new hormones - at least the new Gaines girls did, as they acted like classic blonde bimbos. The Lewis sisters were still standoffish, but their new mom and their friends encouraged them to enjoy the male elves' generous "gifts!"

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ring Belles (starring Katie and mom Jean)

Ring Belles
A Christmas Story
As a amateur boxer, Joe O’Farrell was short and scrawny but a proud Irish American who never gave ground. He has a great role model for his lookalike son Kevin, but dad and son often clashed and went hand to hand to the embarrassment of Joe’s sister Bernadette. Bernie dreaded having her brother and nephew, fueled by whiskey, being louts this Christmas.

. Imagine her shock when two beautiful women – seemingly a ginger headed young woman and her lovely mother – knocking on her door for the holiday dinner. It seems that Mother Christmas transformed the boys into the darling Katie, 25, and Jean, 56.

But a little bit of that O’Farrell competitive juice was still there. After dinner, the trio went caroling with others in the neighborhood. Bernie’s neighbor introduced her cousin Sean, who just moved there from County Cork. Sean was tall, dark, handsome, and the former guys couldn’t help themselves! Seems that both Katie and Jean wanted Sean under their tree – where they could open his “Christmas package”!

Mother and daughter both shamelessly flirted with Sean; as Bernie rolled her eyes , the new girls in her families were still ready to fight!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Party (3 generations. 11 lovely Xmas angels)

Holiday Party
Tom Jarvis hadn’t seen his brothers, sons, nephews and grandsons in years. He never thought he’d have them all in the house again – especially with everyone wearing dresses and makeup. They knew “Pops” was a crossdresser, and they wanted to surprise him – as her, so all the guys became girls for the holiday break.

But the real Santa saw the love in the family, and he added a little North Pole Pixie Dust to their tea. Now they’ll be girls for life, and Trudy will never be far from her loved ones. The new girls all returned home so that “Momma” show them love and teach them how to be good wives and girlfriends!

Who’s Who

1- Tom AKA Trudy , 65, “matriarch”

2- Mike AKA Mary, 45, Trudy’s daughter

3- Hank AKA Helen, 56, Trudy’s sister

4- Nate AKA Nicole, 28, Helen’s daughter

5- Steve AKA Sara, 30, Anne’s daughter

6- Leon AKA Laura, 34, Anne’s daughter

7- Alvin AKA Anne, 55, Trudy’s sister

8- Zach AKA Zoey, 8, Laura’s daughter

9- Will AKA Wendi, 11, Laura's daughter

10- Eli AKA Erica, 11, Mary’s daughter

11- Karl AKA Kate, 52, Trudy’s sister

1st Generation: Trudy has three younger sisters: Helen, Anne, and Kate.

2nd Generation: Trudy has one daughter, Mary. Helen has one daughter Nicole.

Anne has two daughters, Sara and Laura.

Kate has no kids , but she has 4 nieces!

3rd Generation: Mary has one daughter, Erica. Laura has two daughters, Zoey and Wendi. The young cousins are best friends, and they have lots of aunts, great aunts , moms and grandmoms to love!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surreality TV (starring Prue, Patti, Sondra, Julia and Ashley)

The men of Demetrius family felt that if some goofy Guido's from Jersey came find fame, fortune and babes from their reality show, so can they. So cousins Paul and Andy convinced the three brothers – Paul Sr, Andy’s dad John, and the kid brother Sam, to sign the contract without consulting the family attorney.

Too bad; there was no network, and the executive producer ran off without a trace, leaving the five guys made over into three sexy Greek “cougars” – two of which were “moms” to their hottie daughters, while one was just the slutty aunt.

Their reputation ruined, the quintet decided that if they looked like Garden State TV rejects, that they may as well relocate to Newark and try and catch the eye of a rep of the networks scouting talent.

Meanwhile, they have gotten pretty talented at scouting which hot guys they party with – sensitive guys who can appreciate fake tits and spray tan!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Summer We Found Each Other (starring Jacqui and mother Marlee)

The Summer We Found Each Other

“I was freaking out when my father Marcus discovered me trying on the lingerie my late Aunt Sally left in the beachhouse that she deeded to Dad and I in her will. But he had an eerie calm to his voice, and he smiled.

“Jason, I had a feeling you would be in here."

"I never told you this, but when I was your age, I tried on my sister’s things when I spent my summers here. Sally knew I liked it, and I think she suspected you did. And in her last letter to me, she invited her sister and niece to come down and spend the summer. Sounds like a good idea, eh?”

I – soon to be a cute brunette named Jacqui – shook as my mom-to-be, Marlee hugged me tightly.

And that summer we learned a lot about ourselves, and each other. We loved being the ones pursued by handsome men. We both soon had boyfriends who loved to make us happy – and we loved them right back!

Our course, we loved adding to Sally’s rather large wardrobe with the latest styles and colors. But most of all, we learned to love our lives and to live them with no regrets.

That summer, mother and daughter found happiness and each other!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MOTB: Debt Restructuring (starring Crystal and daughters Phoebe and Dinah)

MOTB Tales:
Debt Restructuring

Crystal Rivers ran a successful wedding day makeup and photography consultant business. Her youngest nephew Phillip (19) was a shy boy who had a gift for hair care; his brother Dexter (20) was becoming quite the budding photographer.

Crystal’s brother Jonathan (42) was concerned about his boys working in such a “sissy” business; she shook her head as Jon couldn’t keep any steady work.

He owed her money – and after his recent dismissal, she called in her loan – in a very unique way.

“Smile Janine!,” cooed Crystal as her brother wore the beautiful ivory gown.

Jon had resisted the required change in order to absolve the debt; but the lingerie turned him on in a way he never dreamed. Crystal’s ex-husband Keith was very attracted to the pretty shemale, and after an incredible night as his lover, Janine saw the light.

Crystal then introduced her sister to her nieces – she had been dressing up Phoebe and Dinah for months, and they also had discovered how yummy men were.

Janine was overjoyed at her wedding; her daughters were at her side in sexy gowns – and the three of them would never forget that day. The young ladies and the groomsmen really enjoyed joining Keith and Mom at the romantic resort they booked for the honeymoon!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Noble Sacrifice


After the retrovirus took effect following the Great Terror, the males affected had to make a choice:

1) Fully embrace their newly shaped bodies and undergo further surgery and treatments so that they could live as true women, who were very much needed as humanity needed mothers to help repopulate the planet.


2) Live their lives nearly genderless as sad “neutrals” – neither men nor women, but a weak, impotent alternative.

As a family, Ivan Bruner and sons Victor and Marcus chose to take the path to womanhood together, so that they could support each other and regain some sanity in their lives. This visual taken after the DNA altering shows stoic “mother” Isabelle flanked by “daughters” Vanessa and Maya.

They were so unsure at the time, but since then they now blossomed in their roles as females. All three are married to strong, virile men and have given birth to some more beautiful girls.

Yes, in addition to her own child (the third Bruner) sister, Isabelle has two gorgeous granddaughters to adore…

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bikini Mommies on Their Honeymoon (a sequel with Marcy and daughter Sara)


After several months, Sara’s boyfriend Travis proposed to her in front of all of their friends and family. She cried as she accepted his ring, and her transformation from irresponsible teen father to loving mother, girlfriend – and soon to be wife! Sara’s former father Marcy, now her happy hottie Mom, had accepted the ring of her beau John just two weeks before, and now the thrilled T-babes planned a double wedding.

Of course, Anna (Sara’s daughter and Marcy’s grandchild) was a little young to understand, but she did say that Mommy and Mom-Mom were “pretty” in their gowns – and when the new couples came to Waikiki, John’s sister came as babysitter so that the adults could have some romantic time alone.

The first night was magical and eye opening for both blushing brides, and that next day, the guys went to play some golf while the girls caught up on their tans – and a little girl talk.

“You know , honey,” Marcy cooed, “One day, we might be back here in paradise when Anna finds her soulmate and goes on her own honeymoon. She already loves wearing her swimsuit, and if she’s like us, she’ll really enjoy showing off for the boys. Just like her mother – and grandmother!”

Sara grinned, “Three generations of bikini babe? What a great idea, Mom. But right now, let’s talk about what it was like for us to be made love to by our wonderful, hunky husbands.”

Marcy nodded as they laughed and sipped their drinks.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Teen T-Mom & G-Mom (starring Sara and Marcy and little Anna)


Two years ago, troubled teen Stephen Stewart became a dad, and like many young men his age, he was avoiding his responsibilities to his son Adam and Adam’s mother Bethany. Then she died in a car wreck with her mom and dad, and care of the baby fell to the hapless boy.

Steve’s dad Michael couldn’t get through to his son that he needed to prioritize his life, and after being picked up for public intoxication, Judge John Merritt met with Mike , who had an unusual plan.

To avoid jail and not being around his child, Steve would have to let doctors change his body into that of a young woman named Sara. The kid resisted, but soon Sara found herself loving her new shape and her wilder tendencies settled down.

After 3 months, Sara returned to her family, and was shocked: Mike fulfilled his hidden dream of being a woman, and Marcy embraced her daughter and told her “Welcome to motherhood,dear.”

Today, the Stewarts are celebrating Anna’s 2nd birthday – with two lovely role models, she’s destined to follow her pretty mommy and sexy grandma.

Sara’s bikini body landed her a handsome boyfriend who her Mom really likes.

Marcy’s guy – Judge John – approves of how all three sad males turned out to be happy beauties!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kendra's Reward (costarring mom Diana and sister Winona)

Kendra’s Reward

For an 11 year old, Kevin Howell showed tremendous maturity for his age. Some of the kids in his class were mocking Tara Grabowski, the new girl, because when it was Parent Day at school, Tara was teased for having a mother who had been the girl’s father before her sex change.

Kevin reported the incident to the Principal, who promptly disciplined the bullies. The Principal then called Kevin and his little brother Wesley, 6 to his office, to have a special meeting.

The principal grinned, “You did the right thing Kevin, and as a way to say thanks, I will buy you that cute teal dress you wanted!”

“Dad! You rock!,” the youngster said as he hugged his father, Principal David Howell.

That Saturday night, Kendra Howell beamed as she had her picture taken at the restaurant. Not only had her sometimes Mom Diana bought her that cute dress, she bought a pretty coral number for herself – and her little sis Winona had to wear something that matched their mom’s color!

Kendra and her family enjoyed their night out!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MADAME JAE'S: Uncanny Resemblance! (starring Mona and daughter Jami)



Uncanny Resemblance!

I was already proud of my son, even though we didn’t see each other much. He did look a lot like me as a youngster, and when he graduated from college. But I never figured I’d ever notice how much we looked alike – in dresses!

Well, two years ago, after he returned home from school, he noticed how I was moping around the house, divorced and bored.

“Come downtown with me, Dad,” he said with a whimsical smile.

We got to Madame Jae’s and before I knew it, I found myself in a silky black gown with hair extensions, makeup, and sipping this pink tea called Jae Juice. And there was my boy, in his own sexy dress.

“My roomie turned me on to this place – him and his dad, only they were Mom and daughter en femme. We had so much fun and I thought this was the perfect way for us to hang out and have fun – only you are not my dad Mark, you’re Mona, my sexy mother. And I’m not your son Jesse, I’m Jami, your cute daughter. This Jae Juice really helps you loosen up and feel like a girl. So, are you ready to have some fun, Mom?”

At the time, I was petrified, but she was right – we really had a great time bonding as girls. Very special girls with unique anatomy. And then we met the J-Clubbers – guys who knew how to bring out the vixen in the MJ girls.

Just think – 20 + years ago, I held Jesse’s hand as he began to walk. Now I’m holding Jami’s hand as we lie prone on the bed, squeezing the other’s hand with every orgasm, as our lovers fuck our boi pussies. We’re now both full time shemales with amazing bodies and addictions to cock.

See the resemblance now?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dad's Dedication (starring Marybeth & Cynthia and Tanya & Brandie)

Dads Dedication
The Carlyle Academy, like many old line institutions, needed to address its diversity efforts in order to retain their state charter. Two alums, attorney Mike Prescott and pharmacist Tom Dailey, recommended that the school open its doors to transgendered students.

. That fall, Calvin and Benjamin, two young men with the gender identity of females, were enrolled and they shared a dorm room where they could dress as themselves: Cynthia and Brandy. They made super cute 13 year olds and they were popular with all students at the coed school.

That spring, they participated in the Mother/ Daughter Fashion show. To the left is Cyndi with her mom Marybeth, and at right is Tanya going down the aisle with Brandie. The headmaster had not met the girls’ mothers, until he realized that the gorgeous women were, in fact, board members Mike and Tom.

As his jaw dropped, Marybeth winked while Tanya put her finger to her painted lips to shush the educator. He had to admire their dedication – and their sexy legs!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Symbiotic Relationship (starring Janis and daughter Kimberly)

A Symbiotic Relationship

Jerry Caldwell, 42, thought he found the perfect apartment for him and his college bound son, Kevin, 18. It was spacious, well appointed, and rent too good to be true. The guys shrugged up the fact that the landlord had not cleared out the two sets of female wardrobe – each with a slinky, silky little black dress.

The dress material was neither synthetic nor a naturally grown

fabric – it was a living alien being that sought out the duo as they slept.

The ET dresses now fit the altered gender of Janis” and “Kimberly”, and the new mother and daughter were soon hitting the clubs together, in search of men who would enjoy cramming their big cocks deep inside their warm quivering slits.

The nanites from the dresses had evolved the simple males into feminine seductresses!