Sunday, November 27, 2011

MOTB: All "Four" Love and more...

MOTB Tales: Four Love, Sex and Money
Robert Parker knew that by coming out as a transwoman, she needed the support of her family. Her dad and older brothers had a hard time understanding why the kid went from a typical All-American boy to a beauty queen after moving to the next state over.

“I figured it out, guys, it’s this special juice they bottle out here. I think it has magic powers."

"It makes you a pretty girl who falls in love with men with lots of money and huge cocks,” Rebecca cooed. “So, has the economy picked up back home? And how’s your love lives? You know, I sure do miss my family; I wish you would consider moving out here full time.”

The guys thought seriously about her offer, and they took some of that sweet nectar back with them. Before long, George Parker and his sons Matthew and Nathan left for good, and Gwen, Marie, and Nina reunited with their beloved Rebecca.

This picture is from Reby’s wedding; her sisters were already doing her husband’s ushers, and her mom and his dad were going to get to know each other better than night.

“See, ladies, I told you so…”

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