Thursday, November 3, 2011

Madame Jae's - New Developments #6 (With TONGUE!~ OMG!)

New Developments

Starring Debra and Melissa
After Skip said his goodnights at my door, and had pulled away, I called out to the little girl spying on us from above.

“Wow – that was so romantic,” Melissa giggled from her bedroom window.

“Meet me in my room,” I laughed as I went inside.

We were up about 3 hours, just chatting in our nighties as I brushed her beautiful hair and she returned the favor.

“So, did Jeremy kiss you again?”

“Yes he did, Mom.”

“How many times?”

“I dunno… maybe 5 or 6..”

Probably more like 10 to 20. “Did he use his tongue when…”

“MOTHER! I was good!”

I know you were sweetie, but I think you protested a little too sternly…

Now it was time for her cross-examination of me. “How many times did you two kiss?”

Taunting her a little, I smiled and said, “Nine, exactly.”

“Did he use his tongue…”

“DAUGHTER!” I shrieked as I held her down for a little tickle torture.

“You Jezebel! Some role model YOU are!” she screamed while we both died from laughter and her counter attack tickling.

As we caught our breath, we snuggled.

“This part about being girls – this might be the best, Mom,” she whispered as I held her.

She was almost right; one day she would know what the best thing was.

BTW, he French kissed me 4 times! - D

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