Thursday, November 10, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Wish Works Wonders!

Make a Wish Come True

A parent would do anything to make their child’s dream come true – but seriously, I could never have seen myself this way. I was Gordon LaSalle! I was going to be the best dad any son ever had! And when Kenny was diagnosed with cancer, I swore to God that I would do anything if he would live and beat this evil thing!

And he did recover, and the kid asked me to throw him the best birthday party ever! Of course I agreedbut with a strange caveat – he wanted Mommy to buy him a cute outfit for the party.

Well – I am a man of my word – even if I look like a curvy and cute Mommy! Kellie thinks were both “hot stuff” and should be girls forever. I think my baby is on to something, because ever since that muscular man at the grocery store smiled at me, I think Miss Gayle LaSalle would benefit from finding a smart & sexy man to care for this lovely lady and her pretty little daughter! We both want that wish to come true!

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