Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Post 450/return from vacation: Catching up with the "Cooolest" Mom

MOM Is the HOTTEST Ever!

(but her daughters are catching up fast!)

Hi it’s me, Erica, and six years ago, I helped my sons discover the cute girls inside them, much as I (their former dad) found the blonde babe in me. Well, now those cute little girls started hormonal treatments, and my little princesses are starting to get a little wild.

Whitney, Heather, and Simone are crazy about their round little butts and “boobies” on their chests. They love bikinis, makeup, and BOYS. Their step-dad is laying down the law: no solo dates, no bad grades in school, and no sexy pix on Facebook – like this one below.

Ah hell - who am I kidding? My girls make me so proud to follow in my footsteps! They’re good kids, and I think I know how to
raise them right!

As far as my husband… Mom knows how to handle her man (ROWR!) so that my baby girls can enjoy the most incredible summer EVER!

And I am still the coolest mom in town! ;)

PS: Click above to see how we found our way from boys to babes in bikinis!