Saturday, November 5, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mr. Spock would find this family "Fascinating!"

Brothers Scott and Curtis were true Trekkers, and Scott’s son Andrew started attending the conventions with his dad and uncle almost as soon as he could walk. Their circle of friends challenged them to the ultimate cosplay dare.

They rejected the Orion slave girl triplets (darn) in exchange for trying on the classic female uniforms you remember Uhuru and Nurse Chapel wearing.

Their friends gave the family a liter of “Romuluan ale” to calm their nerves. That clamed them down as they got into their roles.

“Captain Courtney” made a cute petite blonde, where her big brother became big sister as “Dr. Sondra”. Sondra’s son was now her daughter and “April” was tall, slinky “Chief Engineer” April posed with her “Mom” and “Aunt” at the con, where thousands of horny nerds found their sexy legs “fascinating!”

Soon, the trio caught up with their friends who had dared them to do this; those guys had dressed as a Klingon invasion force. Something in that Romuluan ale must have influenced their attitudes. Each of the feminized Federation fairies was well on their way to letting an ultra-masculine Klingon invade and conquer their “final frontier!”


Michelle said...

It's nice to see femininity sneaking its way into the final frontier!

Annabelle Raven said...