Sunday, November 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Boring Vacation? Not Likely ;)

A Boring Vacation?

Their friends were always chiding brothers Jim and Steve Bush about hanging out with their “boring” dad Tony at that out of way resort every year.

“Why not Cancun or Key West? Think of the women you’ll meet,” they hear over and over again.

But they knew that coming to Seagrass was just what the family needed. They remembered how the warm surf would turn the trio into gorgeous women.

As sisters, Jenna and Sheila loved the time spent together with their “mom” Tessa. And all three of them loved their female bodies. They loved showing off their goods in string bikinis – and they loved to work together to figure out which horny hunk they wanted to fuck their brains out. They knew that, as hot women, they controlled sex and thus, the men who wanted them.

And this year, the boys would not be returning to college and “Dad” would give up his career. They never wanted to return to “boring” reality…

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