Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jack's Decision (starring Darcy and her mother Andrea)


Jack Rogers prided himself on meeting men online and helping them develop their female personality. He acted as their sugar daddy, buying them a total wardrobe – paying for extensive cosmetic surgery – total makeovers at the salon – hormone treatment – and finally taking their girlish cherries when they became ladybois forever. He sure had quite a life!

But Jack did a double take – pardon the pun – when he had two guys – a father and son – answer his latest ad. Jack had gone to high school with Allen Powell, and he had recognized Allen’s son Dwight from when he worked at Starbucks. They seemed like they were natural sissies.

Jack worked his magic on them together, and they played
off each other’s eagerness. Jack christened them “Andrea – the mother” and “Darcy – the daughter.” They were already quite close as dad and son, but this act gave them an even more precious bond. They did everything together to transform their bodies, and they gave them to their beloved Jack at the same time.

But this leads to Jack’s dilemma: which sexy shemale will he deflower first: the young
baritsa cum brunette Lolita– or the pretty tranny’s sexy mummy, his old high school chum?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

MOTB: All "Four" Love and more...

MOTB Tales: Four Love, Sex and Money
Robert Parker knew that by coming out as a transwoman, she needed the support of her family. Her dad and older brothers had a hard time understanding why the kid went from a typical All-American boy to a beauty queen after moving to the next state over.

“I figured it out, guys, it’s this special juice they bottle out here. I think it has magic powers."

"It makes you a pretty girl who falls in love with men with lots of money and huge cocks,” Rebecca cooed. “So, has the economy picked up back home? And how’s your love lives? You know, I sure do miss my family; I wish you would consider moving out here full time.”

The guys thought seriously about her offer, and they took some of that sweet nectar back with them. Before long, George Parker and his sons Matthew and Nathan left for good, and Gwen, Marie, and Nina reunited with their beloved Rebecca.

This picture is from Reby’s wedding; her sisters were already doing her husband’s ushers, and her mom and his dad were going to get to know each other better than night.

“See, ladies, I told you so…”

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Boring Vacation? Not Likely ;)

A Boring Vacation?

Their friends were always chiding brothers Jim and Steve Bush about hanging out with their “boring” dad Tony at that out of way resort every year.

“Why not Cancun or Key West? Think of the women you’ll meet,” they hear over and over again.

But they knew that coming to Seagrass was just what the family needed. They remembered how the warm surf would turn the trio into gorgeous women.

As sisters, Jenna and Sheila loved the time spent together with their “mom” Tessa. And all three of them loved their female bodies. They loved showing off their goods in string bikinis – and they loved to work together to figure out which horny hunk they wanted to fuck their brains out. They knew that, as hot women, they controlled sex and thus, the men who wanted them.

And this year, the boys would not be returning to college and “Dad” would give up his career. They never wanted to return to “boring” reality…

Friday, November 25, 2011

3G - Meet the New Executive Director and Her Daughters

Introducing the Executive Director of 3G and her family

Thank you for your continued support of Generation Gendergirls and the thousands of transgender families across the world. I am very proud of the selection made the 3G Advisory Board to assume the role of Executive Director.

Every day, 3G strives to bring out the best in the girls and women who are always evolving. We have proven that by tackling our issues as a community, a sisterhood that we can indeed make miracles happen for mothers and daughters who happened to be born in this life as fathers and sons.

I am not only proud of leading this amazing organization, I am so grateful for its existence.

Ten years ago, I was Scott Davis, a divorced dad struggling to connect with my sons Aaron and Nigel. Like all of our program participant, I knew that I would not truly be able to live my life as Suzie until I helped my children with their dysphoria.

Through the help of 3G counselors and programs, we held each others hands through our RLT and surgeries. Our reassignment specialist, Dr. Manning, was specially trained by 3G to serve a transgender family; of course, we would all later find out how wonderful a soul Howard was – today Alexa and Nikki call him Daddy and I call him my handsome hubby!

After 20 plus years in academia, I now feel that my “job” matches my heart and passion – marriage and motherhood are the best training for leading 3G in the years and months to come!

A Postscript From Suzie

Last month, in my blog, I shared a picture of my family from our recent cruise to the Europe. Our Nikki had just graduated high school as valedictorian and Alexa had flown in from UCLA to join Howard and I at the port.

The girls hadn’t seen each other in four months and were inseparable the entire trip. I think they chatted with every cute college boy on the boat. No worries – our girls are such fine young women, so even Howard isn’t fazed. Besides, Mom and Dad had some quality time together walking through Venice. :)

We found out about my new job onboard, and the girls and their Dad helped me celebrate the great news!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Post 450/return from vacation: Catching up with the "Cooolest" Mom

MOM Is the HOTTEST Ever!

(but her daughters are catching up fast!)

Hi it’s me, Erica, and six years ago, I helped my sons discover the cute girls inside them, much as I (their former dad) found the blonde babe in me. Well, now those cute little girls started hormonal treatments, and my little princesses are starting to get a little wild.

Whitney, Heather, and Simone are crazy about their round little butts and “boobies” on their chests. They love bikinis, makeup, and BOYS. Their step-dad is laying down the law: no solo dates, no bad grades in school, and no sexy pix on Facebook – like this one below.

Ah hell - who am I kidding? My girls make me so proud to follow in my footsteps! They’re good kids, and I think I know how to
raise them right!

As far as my husband… Mom knows how to handle her man (ROWR!) so that my baby girls can enjoy the most incredible summer EVER!

And I am still the coolest mom in town! ;)

PS: Click above to see how we found our way from boys to babes in bikinis!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Special Veterans Day Cap (last cap until Thanksgiving - on vacation!)

“Like my Dad before me, I enlisted in the Navy and saw the world while proudly defending my country. And also like my parent, once I left the Navy, I confronted my need to be a woman.Both Mom and I had our surgeries in the same year, and we are both so happy now. But we are also so proud to be veterans – and to be Americans.”

“We salute all of those who currently serve our country at home and abroad. This year, Mom and I came back to San Diego to celebrate Veterans Day. We have an appreciation for everyone who weas the uniform. Especially the cute ones – did I mention that Mom and I are both single, available and that we love soldiers, sailors, and Marines?


Salute to Knights' TG Caps: Martina & Danielle are off to a fun evening

Many of you are also following hrdknight and his blog KNIGHT'S TG CAPS - like clockwork, knight delivers two caps a day with a variety of plots and lovely realistic pix. He's had heroines that have been dads-to-moms and sons-to-daughters, but this is the first time I recall a duo in the same cap. Great looking family here!

Please visit Knight's TG Caps today and show knight some love! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Wish Works Wonders!

Make a Wish Come True

A parent would do anything to make their child’s dream come true – but seriously, I could never have seen myself this way. I was Gordon LaSalle! I was going to be the best dad any son ever had! And when Kenny was diagnosed with cancer, I swore to God that I would do anything if he would live and beat this evil thing!

And he did recover, and the kid asked me to throw him the best birthday party ever! Of course I agreedbut with a strange caveat – he wanted Mommy to buy him a cute outfit for the party.

Well – I am a man of my word – even if I look like a curvy and cute Mommy! Kellie thinks were both “hot stuff” and should be girls forever. I think my baby is on to something, because ever since that muscular man at the grocery store smiled at me, I think Miss Gayle LaSalle would benefit from finding a smart & sexy man to care for this lovely lady and her pretty little daughter! We both want that wish to come true!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - No More Pretending

No More Pretending

“Marquez, you really have a lovely family. Your wife and daughter are very beautiful and a delight to know, Joe.”

It was amazing how everyone at the bosses’ party really thought that my best friend Manny and his teenage son Sam were female.

I told Manny not to worry about me loaning him the money when he got laid off, but he knew that it would help me at work if I projected the image of a family man.

After the party, I told them both, “You can go take those dresses off, guys. No more pretending!”

They looked at each other and grinned .

Stephanie’ then bear hugged and kissed me on the cheek; “Daddy, Mom said it was OK that I could go out with Ryan tonight. He’ll have me home by 11:30 – bye!”

As she ran down the stairs to meet her boyfriend, ‘Maria’ pressed herself close to me. “I don’t understand, you can go back…”

Shhh,” she whispered. “We both stopped pretending to be guys months ago. Now baby, it’ll be nice to have the house to ourselves . What can we do until our little Steph comes home, hmmmm…”

Oh yes - I sure do love my wife and daughter!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Madame Jae's - New Developments (Finale - for now...)

New Developments

Starring Debra and Melissa
“I can’t believe you let me wear this dress. My boobies…”

“They are gorgeous, and so are you. Very grown up!”

“Jeremy is going to go crazy when he sees me like this.”

“And that, my dear, is the best thing about being a girl – or a woman – when your guy sees how beautiful you are.”

And Jeremy did flip for Melissa, as predicted. Skip was smiling at me, of course, and I enjoyed his attraction to me as much as Melissa’s enjoyed Jeremy’s. I doubt either of us were keeping count of the number of times we were kissed – they all felt like heaven. My emotions were now turning to love for this sexy man, and I know my daughter was swept up in her romance. Ah, the balance of innocence & passion!

We are choosing to wait for the right moment to fully embrace our womanhood – why? Because we are both good guys who became great girls and we still had a lot to learn and experience. But trust me – when the time is right, our men will know what it’s like to have a pretty woman who loves them like no other man… - D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mr. Spock would find this family "Fascinating!"

Brothers Scott and Curtis were true Trekkers, and Scott’s son Andrew started attending the conventions with his dad and uncle almost as soon as he could walk. Their circle of friends challenged them to the ultimate cosplay dare.

They rejected the Orion slave girl triplets (darn) in exchange for trying on the classic female uniforms you remember Uhuru and Nurse Chapel wearing.

Their friends gave the family a liter of “Romuluan ale” to calm their nerves. That clamed them down as they got into their roles.

“Captain Courtney” made a cute petite blonde, where her big brother became big sister as “Dr. Sondra”. Sondra’s son was now her daughter and “April” was tall, slinky “Chief Engineer” April posed with her “Mom” and “Aunt” at the con, where thousands of horny nerds found their sexy legs “fascinating!”

Soon, the trio caught up with their friends who had dared them to do this; those guys had dressed as a Klingon invasion force. Something in that Romuluan ale must have influenced their attitudes. Each of the feminized Federation fairies was well on their way to letting an ultra-masculine Klingon invade and conquer their “final frontier!”

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Madame Jae's - New Developments #6 (With TONGUE!~ OMG!)

New Developments

Starring Debra and Melissa
After Skip said his goodnights at my door, and had pulled away, I called out to the little girl spying on us from above.

“Wow – that was so romantic,” Melissa giggled from her bedroom window.

“Meet me in my room,” I laughed as I went inside.

We were up about 3 hours, just chatting in our nighties as I brushed her beautiful hair and she returned the favor.

“So, did Jeremy kiss you again?”

“Yes he did, Mom.”

“How many times?”

“I dunno… maybe 5 or 6..”

Probably more like 10 to 20. “Did he use his tongue when…”

“MOTHER! I was good!”

I know you were sweetie, but I think you protested a little too sternly…

Now it was time for her cross-examination of me. “How many times did you two kiss?”

Taunting her a little, I smiled and said, “Nine, exactly.”

“Did he use his tongue…”

“DAUGHTER!” I shrieked as I held her down for a little tickle torture.

“You Jezebel! Some role model YOU are!” she screamed while we both died from laughter and her counter attack tickling.

As we caught our breath, we snuggled.

“This part about being girls – this might be the best, Mom,” she whispered as I held her.

She was almost right; one day she would know what the best thing was.

BTW, he French kissed me 4 times! - D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MOTB Halloween Special (Yes I know it's November 1) :p

MOTB Tales:
Wedding on All Hallows Eve

At age 40, Charlie Perez wanted a change in his life – and he didn’t want to go at it alone. His widower father Ron, 61, had helped him raise his son Nick, 18, as a single dad. He knew they were all lonely and needed a change too. At first, they resisted Charlie’s idea for a Halloween party. But there they were, at church, as a – bridal party?

The “busty bride”, Carla, whispered to her family, “See, I told you we’d make sexy girls. BTW, that is a real priest, and I’m now Mrs. Luis Colon. My new father-in-law is very rich and really has the hots for you, Momma. And Lou’s nephew hasn’t taken his eyes of you, baby girl. So ladies…”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, I really want to get to know him, Mom. Grandma Renee?”

“Nellie, my sweet granddaughter, your mother has shown us the way. We’re going to leave our sad male lives behind. I’m looking forward to Lou Senior making a real woman out of me!"

“Oh I’m so happy – and those hunks over there will be happy to. Because were Perez girls and we are in charge now. They’ll do anything we ask them so long as they can have us,” cooed Carla.

Renee and Nellie grinned in anticipation!