Sunday, October 16, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Networking

Older brother Tim Scott had been a corporate lawyer. Middle brother Lee had done well in IT. And Roger, the kid, had made his name as a journalist. But last year, they left their professions to start an unusual family business.

When Mom died she left an unexpected fortune, and a bottle of sweet smelling liqueur.

She also left a note: “You can squander the money on lavish homes or fancy cars, but I want you three to be there for each other always.”

As they drank, they began to change into women. Rather than being upset, the trio bonded over their new state.

Last month, Great Scott Catering opened its doors by hosting a upscale catering event in the mansion Terri, Lisa, and Randi now shared. They spent the night impressing event planners with their fabulous food presentation – and arousing several executives with their bright smiles, curvy bodies, and overall bubbly, flirty blonde personalities!

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