Monday, October 3, 2011

MOTB: A Suprise for Stanley

MOTB Tales: A Surprise for Stanley

Stanley Williams was proud his son Gary when he proposed to his college sweetheart Hailey – and he was very supportive when Hailey shared her transition from sad boy to happy sexy young lady. But Stan when learned that her last name was Kopernick, he asked her if she was related to Jimmy Kopernick, who he served in the Navy with.

Hailey smiled and said, “I think so – when my Mom comes out for the wedding, you can ask her that.” She winked at Gary as she spoke.

“Dad, come meet Hailey’s mom ,” Gary said as Stan finished putting the corsage on his tuxedo. It was a simple ceremony, and the kids’ single parents would be acting as their attendants.

“It’s usually bad luck to see the bride in her gown, young man,” cooed the stunning mature blonde in her slinky blue outfit, “But I’ll overlook it because you just reintroduced me to someone I missed very much. Looking good, Seaman Williams.”

Stan’s heart stopped. “Jimmy?”

“Call me Janet, handsome,” she winked at Hailey.

“Like mother like daughter, huh?”giggled the younger T-girl.

The wedding was memorable for all – but the reception was especially interesting; fueled by a desire they barely understood, and by alcohol, Stan took his long lost best friend into the banquet hall’s office, laid her on the desk, and consumated their passion together.

Peering from behind the door, Gary and Hailey watched their parents fuck like mad– so like father and mother, like son and daughter, they started their honeymoon in the kitchen pantry.

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