Saturday, October 15, 2011

Madame Jae's - New Developments #2 (LBD Alert!) ;)

New Developments

Starring Debra and Melissa
“Mom, I think black is SO our color,” Melissa giggled.

GIGGLED? The same kid who played hockey and hundreds of video games GIGGLED. Then again, I was calling her “honey” and “sweetheart”, and even kissed her on the cheek. I hadn’t even hugged the boy since – whenever.

Again – how did the salon make two girlishly girly girls out of two people who were definitely NOT girls? It’s obvious that’s more than the makeup, the hair extensions, the cute little black dresses, and the intimates underneath! (giggle)

Oh. My. God. Now I have the giggles too. I’ll have to ask what is in that Jae Juice.

OK, now it’s time for what they call the J-Club ball. Apparently men and boys from across the state have had their own ”transformations.” I saw some women in the salon – I guess they are as much women as we are! So this must be part of the experience here, going to a party dressed up like this.

“Mom, will everyone at the party be dressed in womens’ clothes?”

“Not sure, honey – but I know we will be. Let’s go have some fun and see what develops.”

Hmmm… what kind of fun can we have?” - D


Michelle said...

It's wonderful knowing that other men and boys across the state are also participating in this. I hope more of those salons spring up everywhere!

Annabelle Raven said...

One day I hope there's a salon in every town ;)