Thursday, October 27, 2011

Femme-O-Ween Costume Party: Feelin' Groovy As Girls!

F/T Femme-O-Ween

Dan Hendricks (35) thought he had stupidly ruined Halloween his boys Sammy (14) and Justin (12). He thought he had ordered hippie costumes, but these go-go boots, tie dye headbands and flower power mini dresses were meant for girls!

“Of course they were meant for chicks, man,” said the old stoner to Dan as the incense seemed to change his body to that a leggy brunette.

“I guess you’re right, thanks dude,” winked Darlene as she headed back to her house. But what would her kids think?

She got her answer as she saw
Sheri and Jasmine, looking righteously cute in their costume.

“Groovy, costumes, Mom!”
they said.

“Far out,” Darlene said to herself…

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