Saturday, October 29, 2011

Femme-O-Ween Costume Party: "Cop" A Feel - Now Spread Em! ;)

F/T Femme-O-Ween
Senior Detective Michael Lorenzo had just pinned racketeering charges on the Graziani Mob and was celebrating with his son, Patrol Officer Mike Lorenzo, Jr. when they almost died in a fiery explosion at their favorite Italian restaurant.

“Whatever happens, I don’t want Mikey and I to be apart,” Mike Sr. begged the WPP as they were placed under their care.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll like this, but it’s the only way the two of you can still be publicly a family.” Father and son swallowed their pride as they accepted.

Two years later, MOTHER and DAUGHTER were now swallowing the sweet sticky loads of their boyfriends as they went down on them in the bedrooms they shared. Marisa Leonard never had a gay thought in his life, but she now only saw herself as a curvy MILF with a passion for life ; her lover Victor brought out a ravenous desire for cock she never knew she had.

Marisa and her daughter Martina had just gone out shopping for Halloween costumes and had gone home with two kinky female beat cops, complete with handcuffs.

“They should dress up as mobsters, Mom,” laughed Martina.

Well, ain’t that ironic, huh?” replied Marisa to her sexy daughter.

“Let’s go play bad cop, very bad cop,” cooed Martina as she fantasized about once again being Tony Abruzzi’s fuck bunny…

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