Thursday, October 13, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Utterly Delightful

Utterly Delightful
“I never knew that I would be so beautiful,” mused Simon Lowe, 55, who now went by the name Serena. “Or that I would love having George have his way with my body,” she giggled to her son Barry.

“I told you Mom, you were meant to be a woman, little thing that you are,” cooed Blair, 36. “I resisted the urges, but when your finally react to the hormones, suddenly men look and sound more attractive. They also taste wonderfully.”

“And they feel so good,” Serena sighed to her new daughter, as their dates at the fancy ball escorted them onto the dance floor.

Within hours, both sexy shemales would be once again the passionate sex toys of their large, powerful male lovers!

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