Friday, October 7, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Unexpected Magic

Unexpected Magic
“You’ve gone way too hard this time, Paul,” huffed Paul’s dad, Alex (49) as his son (20) tried to explain why the Fallon men were all women suddenly.

“This necklace I found at Cozumel at spring break, it must be magic,” an exasperated Paul said as he looked at what he, his dad, and his older brothers Scott (26) and Kyle (22) had became.

. “I always wanted to be a girl, but It wasn’t my fault that the magic also changed you all while we slept!”

“Are we like this forever, Dad?” a nervous Kyle whispered, as he became aware of how all the men were staring at the three young beauties and their gorgeous “mother”.

“Our IDs all changed, even the name on Paul’s diploma now says Paige,” Scott noted.

“Look let’s get this ceremony over with and then we’ll head to California as we planned,” Alex sighed. Maybe they could see a doctor about what changed them, if anyone would believe them, that they were really guys!

Alas, nobody would believe them and after a summer in So Cal, they themselves saw themselves as women. Paige, Sandra, Kat, and their single mom Amanda certainly enjoyed how feminine the men they went out with and slept with made them feel!

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