Thursday, October 20, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Teach Your Daughter Well

Teach Your Daughter Well

Pete: That’s great honey. The way you are carrying yourself, there’s no chance that the “bad guys” will ever suspect that you are NOT a lovely eleven year old girl. I’m very proud of how you’ve adapted – daughter!

Freddie: I’m just following in my mom’s sexy footsteps! I mean, when you were Dad, and you told me that we had to become girls to survive and stay together, I hated the idea. But now, looking at how well you turned out, I knew I had step up my game! (giggle) I really like being cute and pretty!

Paula: Ooooh kay. You know, if It was still your dad, I may consider locking you up until you're 40. I know what it’s like to be horny teenage boy!

Faith: And you know what it’s like to be a horny old man, Mom! Our “girl instructors” have told us how being a woman means that if you play your cards right, you can get a man wrapped around your finger. And I’ve been paying attention to the guys who have been paying attention to you!

Paula: Baby girl – let’s be frank here. You don’t need to grow up too fast – but then again, you and are both “evolving” in the same way on different schedules. So we need to keep an eye on each other – learn from the other’s mistakes – and share in the good times. We have a lot in front of us - feelings, bonding, DATING – and eventually more! I need to be there for you as your mother, but I need you there as my daughter and BFF.

Faith: Mommy, I promise to be the best daughter and BFF a mom can have. Together, we make our lives wonderful and happy. I love you!

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