Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Practice Makes Pretty

PRACTICE makes Pretty

Stan: Aren’t you glad you listened to me? Now that we have your makeup fixed, you look so pretty! Especially your peepers!

Dave: Gorgeous – just like you look, Dad!

Simone: Young lady – do I look like a Dad to you? That would be like me still calling you my son – you’re my daughter now!

Donna: Sorry Mom – old habits ya know! I always felt I was a girl inside – but I never would have guesses that you did as well!

Simone: And for years, I hid that from the world – but no more! Thanks to Mark, you and I can dedicate ourselves to being the loveliest mom /daughter in the world!

Donna: Hey - I wanna know what it’s like for you to have a rich, cute boyfriend!

Simone: My dear, men like my Mark will be in the palm of your hand – especially sissy lovers like him and his young cousin who you’ll meet this weekend. Keep this in mind : let them pamper you, and treat you like the princess you are – and let him know you belong to him – and you can get anything your heart desires from a man.

Donna: Well, I’m gonna practice being the foxiest daughter of the hottest MILF! If his cousin treats me like Mark worships you, then we’ll be two very satisfied T-girls!

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