Saturday, October 1, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Go With The Flow, Momma!

Go With The Flow

FACT: Ron’s wife left to raise their sons David and Peter because in her words: “You’re more cut out to be their mother than I am! You’re a failure as a man & husband!”

FACT: With money tight, Ron let the boys hair grow.

FACT: Most people thought that with their long hair, they really did look like very adorable little girls.

FACT: Ron’s own hair was growing, and with his high cheekbones and thin frame, he did seem womanly.

FACT: Wanting to see her child and grandkids happy, Ron’s mom suggested a triple makeover.

FACT: Deanna (4) and Polly (2 ½) enjoy having their hair in pretty bows and wearing cute tops and even playing with the new dolls Grandma bought them. They also love their new mommy!

FACT: The fact that her daughters were enjoying being girls helped Roseanna (27) “go with the flow.” She loved being Mommy, as much as she loved getting to know her own mom so much better! Plus – Mom babysat whenever Hank took her out on dates; Rosie loved his soft kisses!

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