Saturday, October 8, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Cynthia's "Chaperones"

Cynthia’s “Chaperones”
“Don’t get me wrong – I love my dad and Pop Pop; I carried their name as Christopher Dean III until I discovered the sissy boy inside me. Then everyone began calling me Cyndi, and I really found my true calling. With my full lips and womanly hips, I was pretty effin hot, and I found that being a girl being chased by cute & horny guys was awesome."

"But the old guys fretted about me going to the prom without “proper supervision.” So they talked to the school and voila, they are here tonight – but I can’t believe that they are also wearing heels, dresses, etc. Plus, they’re not exactly focused on me – ‘Mom’ AKA Candi is flirting with my math teacher, and my new grandmother Cate is flaunting her hot ass to Principal Taylor!"

"I guess being a slutty ginger-head shemale must run in our family! Hey, I’m down with that… Sean Davis asked me to meet him at his place. My chaperones look like they’ll be busy with their guys tonite, so they won’t miss me at all!

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