Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TGT Network's New Series


Roses Are Pink

Emmy winner Mike Rose has a new show that blurs the line between reality, fantasy, and insanity, as well as obliterates the great gender divide!

Why are Mike (38) and his sons Billy (7), Jake (16), and Travis (14) dressed the way they are , and why are they smiling?

Can a man and his three sons really make it as a female family?

Watch as Becky, Josie, and Tami cope with their sudden girlishness, with “support” from their beautiful mother –Melanie Rose – who has her own career and new social life to deal with. The community is shocked. The school board is concerned. Melanie’s boss is intrigued. And guys are lining up outside their door?

Good luck ladies - you’ll need it!

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