Saturday, September 24, 2011

MOTB: Here Come The Brides!

MOTB Tales: Here Come the Brides?!

Alas, Brittany Cameron has had all of her dreams come true – except one. She left her drab life as Brendan behind after finishing school. She met the man of her dreams, and he very much is into special gurls like her, He proposed, and she was very much looking forward to being given away by her loving Daddy Cliff.

But she should have asked Cliff how seeing his only son transformed into a beautiful, sexy T-girl made him feel. It made him wonder how it felt to have long hair, a cute figure, and a handsome lover over whom she can wrap around her finger...

So when Brittany “discovered” Caroline in her Dad’s apartment one evening, she was actually angry and cried. But her selfishness eventually abated as the now mother and daughter opened up about their feelings.

A year later, two lovely brides-to-be shopped for just the right gowns to make sure that Britt and John & Carrie and Nick would have a dream double wedding. But there’s only one question left unanswered:

“What man gives these brides away?”

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