Thursday, September 15, 2011

Madame Jae's - Bikini Bonanza II part 3 - finale





After an entire week in provocative clothes, especially those tiny bikinis and silky lingerie, there was no way Raquel and Bella wanted to resume their dull lives as guys again. They were closer than ever as mother/daughter, and best girlfriends at that.

They also now have boyfriends, and Tony and A.J. saw to it that their T-girl queen and princess would always be happy. They showered them with gifts, compliments, and affectionate kisses and hugs. The girls rewarded their men by always dressing to arouse, and it worked.

As a foursome or as individual couples, they toyed and teased with each other’s bodies, and spent many long nights – and days – intertwined as lovers. Raquel and Bella teased each other about their lovers size, stamina, and lovemaking techniques and about which horny shemale had the most earth shattering orgasms.

And after that vacation, Raquel moved in with Tony, while Bella enrolled at Tech to be with her A.J. They became full time Madame Jae girls, and the Jae Juice kept them girlish and horny. A year later, Raquel wears an engagement ring; the wedding will be next summer, and Bella the Bridesmaid will help Mom shop for just the right gown. Then all four are going back to Madame Jae’s Resort, where it all began!

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