Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Madame Jae's - Bikini Bonanza II part 2




Day 2: The Birds & The Bees

“Sweetie – I don’t want to pressure you into something you might not want or be ready for – but… I really want to see what it’s like to…. To be with a man – just once. I really hope that doesn’t bother you…”

“Not at all Mom! I mean – I’m really enjoying this time with you, and we’re closer than ever. But there are a lot of cute guys here! And I’m… kind of curious too, about what it’s like.”

“I guess we both have been having some amazing dreams, thanks to the Jae Juice. Baby, let’s just be honest – you’re an adult now. I want to get laid – I want a handsome guy with a fine body to just DO me! I’ve certainly been very turned on when w

e’ve dressed, but not to this level!!”

“I know! And I’ve been checking out guys and their swim trunks! I’ve been your daughter for all of two days, and I’m a size queen! What are gonna do?”

“I think we need to scratch this itch. We may never have such an incredibly female experience again. The Guest Relations manager said we’ll be sat a table with two nice J-Club guys for the rest of the week!”

Mmmm, wonder if we’re the diners or the meal (grin) Hey, let’s head up to change in a little bit, Mom.”

Day 3: Formal Night

Raquel & Bella wore some cute sundresses to dinner that night, and they enjoyed the sea bass and Chateaubriand, but their new appetites hungered for their new table mates. Anthony Santangelo was 45 and a basketball player turned financial advisor. His son, Anthony Jr. - A.J. – had just accepted a scholarship to Tech to play ball there.

The conversation flowed as easily as the wine was poured; in their altered state, the DeLeon “girls” were giddier than ever, and their erections threatened to burst through their silky panties – and they weren’t alone.

“I’m pleased that my son turned out like me,” Tony crowed. “We both enjoy the finer things in life, and that includes sharing the company of a gorgeous Latina – who happens to a be a Madame Jae’s lady.”

“Dad, they have a popping disco at the resort; Bella, would you like to go dancing?.”

“How about if we join you, son – what do you say Raquel?”

By “coincidence”, the guys room was adjoining to the girls. After two hours of hot salsa dancing, Raquel led Tony back to her room, where he made a woman out of her; as her lover impaled her rear entry, she screamed in utter joy.

In between rounds, as Tony’s rested and recovered, they heard from next door Bella’s squealing and cooing as A.J. again followed in Dad’s footsteps. Eventually , each couple collapsed and slept.

At dawn, the parents invited the youngsters over, and Raquel and Bella thanked their protectors with a good morning blow job before mom and daughter slept off their adventures in bed together. They were well fucked and very happy!

Tony and A.J. escorted their ladies to formal night – the boys in sharp tuxedos, the girls curves poured in tight black dresses that left little to the imagination. It would be another long, HARD night!

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