Saturday, September 3, 2011

Madame Jae's - Bikini Bonanza II (new story, not a sequel)



A story about a father and son that will make you all “WET”


It took a few seconds for Rich DeLeon, 39, and his son Brandon to comprehend that the gentlemen on shore whistling and yelling “Hey ladies!” was directed at the two of them. They blushed like the girls they seemed. Rich’s gift to Brandon on his 18th birthday was a trip of a lifetime – two lifetimes in fact.

After Vanessa died that fateful September morning a decade ago when the tower collapsed, father and son were never the same. The mechanic from Queens turned to dressing in his wife’s clothes, and discovered that he was not alone in his interest in that activity. For nearly a decade, they held their own private fashion shows, where “Mom and Daughter” bonded over their secret passion.

So when they heard about Madame Jae’s Resort’s special “Girls Getaway week long deal, they saved their money for the trip and airfare. Yesterday, they checked in and went right to the resort’s salon, run by the Transformation Team.

The Jae Juice seems to affect their physiques almost immediately, and with their hair extensions, and complimentary fashion wardrobe, the beautiful “Raquel” and her equally stunning daughter “Bella” went to sleep in pretty nighties and had some very interesting dreams. About running on the beach in the skimpiest of bikinis… Their newly grown chest flesh jiggling as they skipped through the surf… The looks they got from the J-Club studs who frequented the resort… Being held – and kissed - and…

Our heroines awoke that morning with conspicuous damp spots on their nightgowns. After breakfast, they were ready to enjoy a day at the beach – the sea, the sun, and their skimpy new bikinis!

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