Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - We Should Do This More Often!

We Should Do This More Often!

Jimmy Frye and his dad, Vince, had been coming to Dunes Beach each summer since Vince’s divorce, but after Jimmy found that strange glowing sea shell and took it back to their bungalow, they have looked, sounded, acted, and felt quite different than before.

“So what do you think, Mom?”, whispered Jimmy as she slipped her arm around her father’s shoulders. “I bet he’s got ten inches, easily.”

“Twelve I say,” giggled Vince, who was shorter than her son but had a more developed chest. “Remember, we met his cousin last night. I personally measured that wild stallion.”

“Slut. I wondered who you had snuck away with”

Don’t be jealous, honey. Let’s take them both back to our shack and have double the fun with double the cock.”

“Great idea, Mom.“

“My dear girl – you and I need do this more often!”

And for the rest of the summer, Vicki Fields and her daughter Julie sampled almost ever “summer sausage” around Dunes Beach. They would have resumed their male lives when they returned home – but it seems our heroines did not use any protection with their lovers, and within the year, Julie had a baby sister – and Vicki had a cute little granddaughter.

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