Saturday, September 17, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Unusual Punishment (but not cruel, actually a lot of fun)

Unusual Punishment

Mitch Conors, 44, was not always the best role model to his 18 year old son Wyatt. The twosome were acted quite boorish by choosing to go to the football game rather than attend Tanya’s wedding. Tanya’s sister and maid of honor was Lucy, Mitch’s wife and Wyatt’s stepmom, and she was mortified – social climbing bitch that she was. She had lent Mitch $1000 supposed on getting new suits for him and the boy – which they blew on tickets, hot dogs and lots of beer!

She demanded retribution – on her own cruel terms!

So what cruel and unusual punishment did she have in mind? How about blackmailing them into dressing up as women for a bridal show her friend Tina was holding that next month?

They fought it for a while – until they saw each other in gorgeous evening gowns. “Monica” had to admit to her daughter “Winnie” – the feels of the silky lingerie was quite arousing, and they enjoyed the lusty looks men were giving them as they sashayed down the ramp.

Tanya was pissed that her evil plans backfired – she left them soon after and the Conors soon were in demand as fashion models. They still loved football and beer – but also loved shopping, primping, romantic getaways and learning how much fun being a sexy mom and hottie daughter could be!

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