Sunday, September 25, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mother Knows Best (when it comes to being a girl)

Alison and Wonder-Mom

At age 15, my son Anton always showed character, compassion, and common sense well beyond his years. Considering how challenging it was to see his father – me, then Edward Bourne, come out as a woman, he always made me so proud! A mother couldn’t ask for a more lovely child – or could she?

“You always look so wonderful, Mom. You’re Wonder-Mom, in fact.”

I smiled at the joke, and then I put my hands on his shoulders. “It’s so wonderful to be a girl , honey.” I had a idea. “Say… would you like to know why?”

He blushed, and I knew that he wanted to know why – and as a loving mother , I could help him..

“Paul, I’d like you to meet my new daughter – Alison,” I cooed to my fiancée.

“Evelyn, she’s stunning, just like her sexy Mom,” he said as we kissed.

Alison giggled in a very natural fashion as her future stepdad teased her that his nephew Chuck would propose to her that night. And Chuck was smitten ; Ali and I had a very enjoyable double date – complete with sweet goodnight kisses from our guys.

I turned to her and grabbed her hand, and smiled. “See – I told you being a pretty girl is just about the most wonderful thing in the world. And tomorrow, we’re going shopping – for your maid of honor gown . What do you say about…”

Alison didn’t let me finish – she hugged me and said “Thank you Mom!”

I guess that was her way of saying YES!

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