Thursday, September 22, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Magical Summer

A Magical Summer

”Lucky me. I get to ask three hot blondes to take a picture of them enjoying their vacation,” smirked Al Daniels, as 4 year old Christopher Shears was smothered in hugs by his granddad Ernie and dad Jeff. The fact that neither of the trio was currently the gender they were born to was no longer a concern to them.

When Jeff dropped a coin at the fountain in the famed Florida amusement park, he wished that he and his dad would find some “nice women” to spend some fun time with.

Of course, spirits sort of played a trick on them, which is why Ernie morphed into sexy granny Elinor, and her son became her gorgeous daughter Jolene. Jo also saw her pride n joy wake up one day as the precocious Claudia. Both Shears women fell in love with mothering the cutie, and Elli also fell hard for the charming retired judge Al. That night, Al’s sister would babysit while he and his law school protégé Will treated the beautiful young mom & grandmother to a night all 4 of them would remember.

2 years later, Jo and Will would celebrate the birth of a baby girl ; Claudia would be the big sister!

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