Saturday, September 10, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Instant Trophy Family 2.0


Nick Holiday and Paul Jackson were college roommates who went into business together – but Nick’s wife drive a wedge between them and their company went under. Paul went to the corporate world and soon was a Senior VP – while Stephanie’s reckless spending bankrupted Nick and ruined his credit rating.

Their sons Adam and Michael were so supportive of their dad. They also knew that Nick sometimes copedwith the stress by dressing in Mom’s nightgown and a wig. Desperately, they called “Uncle Paul” and begged him to help .

The lifelong bachelor picked up the trio and snuck them out of town with a mad plan. A year later, and neither Stephanie nor the IRS can locate the three guys. But Angela and Melissa are adapting well to being Paul’s teen daughters (and they enjoyed being high school hotties with hunky boyfriends!)

And Noreen found that life as a stay at home mom is much more fulfilling than she could have imagined. She also loved the way her best friend Paul made her feel as his loving wife – his sweet & sexy little woman!

This wonderful new family was happy and 100% REAL!

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