Sunday, September 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Fine Family from Stepford

Stepford Family

KEITH: My son and I had not seen my brother or nephew in over 5 years!

GREG: Yep and Dad and I were not at all ready for their brand new look!

MIKE: You should have seen the look in your eyes, cuz!

CARL: Sorry for the deceit, but it was the best way our masters/husbands to recruit new sissy boi wives for the hundreds of Alpha males flocking to Stepford monthly!

My master Patrick saw our family scrapbook; he knew that if my new daughter and I took so well to being dedicated homemakers and subservient fuck-toys in the bedroom, that my “sister” and“niece” would also make two sexy shemales!

MOLLY: Just like Mom and me – don’t you love it when a real man fucks you like you’re his whore?

KATIE: I never knew how wonderful cock was!

GINA: Me neither Mom, and we are just as sexy and beautiful and docile as Molly and Auntie! What great role models they are for us nu gurls!

CLAIRE: And it’s just getting started. To think, 5 years ago, we never dreamed we’d be so damn happy. Imagine two sisters and their daughters, not having to worry about a job or supporting a family. We just have to be good housewives, and take care of every one of our masters' needs!

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