Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Competitive Juices (it's gonna get sticky!)

Competitive Juices

Rich Riggins and his son Kevin were ultra-competitive and it used to drive Rich’s sister Jen crazy. So much so that Jen, who ran a beauty salon in town, challenged the duo to come up with the best costume for the party – and then secretly helped each of them be their feminine best.

The new Renee and Kristi found themselves in a new situation – being pursued by hungry guys. But they are still trying to outdo one another. One night, Jen overheard them whispering at the pick up bar….

Kristi: Back off the dark haired stud, Mom. He’s mine!

Renee: I already claimed him, little girl. I so plan on riding that hard cock until dawn – way past your bedtime, baby.

Kristi: You’re up way too late, bitch. That stallion needs to be tamed by a wild filly, not an old goat like you. In fact, I think I’ll suck five cocks and get fucked twice tonight!

Renee: Oh really, you and what slut army? Hey wait a second, honey… why fight? Let’s work together and give these boys the hottest fucking night of our shemale lives!

Kristi: Oh that’s a great idea Mom – you’re the very best!

Jen sighed; finally, they’re working together as a family!

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