Thursday, September 29, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Whacha Gonna Do (When These Babes Run Wild On You?)

Sam Martino has been living one of the most unusual double lives ever. For twenty years, Sam has used several magic pairs of wrestling boots to transform into Sexy Selena , pro rasslin’s most decorated Woman’s Champion.

Not only is Selena the mistress of the ring, she’s the actual lover of Global Wrestling’s promoter, the bombastic Lance McVee.

But for two days every week, the boots come off and Sam has resumed his preferred role as Samuel Jr.’s proud papa. But when Junior graduated from high school, he had an odd request – he wanted in on the family business!

“I know you’re a great dad, but I betyou’d be an awesome mom!”

And it turns out that the boy’s feet fit quite nicely in Selena’s boots! On Monday Night War, Selena had a new tag team partner – Stunning Sasha! They became the first mother/daughter Women’s Tag Team champs!

Sasha also followed in her mom’s high heeled footsteps by being seduced by the Boss, Mr. McVee.

But in a great money making angle, The Sex Bombs turned on the boss and shacked up (onand off camera) with his mortal enemies, the Dirty Texas Vipers!



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Competitive Juices (it's gonna get sticky!)

Competitive Juices

Rich Riggins and his son Kevin were ultra-competitive and it used to drive Rich’s sister Jen crazy. So much so that Jen, who ran a beauty salon in town, challenged the duo to come up with the best costume for the party – and then secretly helped each of them be their feminine best.

The new Renee and Kristi found themselves in a new situation – being pursued by hungry guys. But they are still trying to outdo one another. One night, Jen overheard them whispering at the pick up bar….

Kristi: Back off the dark haired stud, Mom. He’s mine!

Renee: I already claimed him, little girl. I so plan on riding that hard cock until dawn – way past your bedtime, baby.

Kristi: You’re up way too late, bitch. That stallion needs to be tamed by a wild filly, not an old goat like you. In fact, I think I’ll suck five cocks and get fucked twice tonight!

Renee: Oh really, you and what slut army? Hey wait a second, honey… why fight? Let’s work together and give these boys the hottest fucking night of our shemale lives!

Kristi: Oh that’s a great idea Mom – you’re the very best!

Jen sighed; finally, they’re working together as a family!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Mother Knows Best (when it comes to being a girl)

Alison and Wonder-Mom

At age 15, my son Anton always showed character, compassion, and common sense well beyond his years. Considering how challenging it was to see his father – me, then Edward Bourne, come out as a woman, he always made me so proud! A mother couldn’t ask for a more lovely child – or could she?

“You always look so wonderful, Mom. You’re Wonder-Mom, in fact.”

I smiled at the joke, and then I put my hands on his shoulders. “It’s so wonderful to be a girl , honey.” I had a idea. “Say… would you like to know why?”

He blushed, and I knew that he wanted to know why – and as a loving mother , I could help him..

“Paul, I’d like you to meet my new daughter – Alison,” I cooed to my fiancée.

“Evelyn, she’s stunning, just like her sexy Mom,” he said as we kissed.

Alison giggled in a very natural fashion as her future stepdad teased her that his nephew Chuck would propose to her that night. And Chuck was smitten ; Ali and I had a very enjoyable double date – complete with sweet goodnight kisses from our guys.

I turned to her and grabbed her hand, and smiled. “See – I told you being a pretty girl is just about the most wonderful thing in the world. And tomorrow, we’re going shopping – for your maid of honor gown . What do you say about…”

Alison didn’t let me finish – she hugged me and said “Thank you Mom!”

I guess that was her way of saying YES!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MOTB: Here Come The Brides!

MOTB Tales: Here Come the Brides?!

Alas, Brittany Cameron has had all of her dreams come true – except one. She left her drab life as Brendan behind after finishing school. She met the man of her dreams, and he very much is into special gurls like her, He proposed, and she was very much looking forward to being given away by her loving Daddy Cliff.

But she should have asked Cliff how seeing his only son transformed into a beautiful, sexy T-girl made him feel. It made him wonder how it felt to have long hair, a cute figure, and a handsome lover over whom she can wrap around her finger...

So when Brittany “discovered” Caroline in her Dad’s apartment one evening, she was actually angry and cried. But her selfishness eventually abated as the now mother and daughter opened up about their feelings.

A year later, two lovely brides-to-be shopped for just the right gowns to make sure that Britt and John & Carrie and Nick would have a dream double wedding. But there’s only one question left unanswered:

“What man gives these brides away?”

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Magical Summer

A Magical Summer

”Lucky me. I get to ask three hot blondes to take a picture of them enjoying their vacation,” smirked Al Daniels, as 4 year old Christopher Shears was smothered in hugs by his granddad Ernie and dad Jeff. The fact that neither of the trio was currently the gender they were born to was no longer a concern to them.

When Jeff dropped a coin at the fountain in the famed Florida amusement park, he wished that he and his dad would find some “nice women” to spend some fun time with.

Of course, spirits sort of played a trick on them, which is why Ernie morphed into sexy granny Elinor, and her son became her gorgeous daughter Jolene. Jo also saw her pride n joy wake up one day as the precocious Claudia. Both Shears women fell in love with mothering the cutie, and Elli also fell hard for the charming retired judge Al. That night, Al’s sister would babysit while he and his law school protégé Will treated the beautiful young mom & grandmother to a night all 4 of them would remember.

2 years later, Jo and Will would celebrate the birth of a baby girl ; Claudia would be the big sister!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - We Should Do This More Often!

We Should Do This More Often!

Jimmy Frye and his dad, Vince, had been coming to Dunes Beach each summer since Vince’s divorce, but after Jimmy found that strange glowing sea shell and took it back to their bungalow, they have looked, sounded, acted, and felt quite different than before.

“So what do you think, Mom?”, whispered Jimmy as she slipped her arm around her father’s shoulders. “I bet he’s got ten inches, easily.”

“Twelve I say,” giggled Vince, who was shorter than her son but had a more developed chest. “Remember, we met his cousin last night. I personally measured that wild stallion.”

“Slut. I wondered who you had snuck away with”

Don’t be jealous, honey. Let’s take them both back to our shack and have double the fun with double the cock.”

“Great idea, Mom.“

“My dear girl – you and I need do this more often!”

And for the rest of the summer, Vicki Fields and her daughter Julie sampled almost ever “summer sausage” around Dunes Beach. They would have resumed their male lives when they returned home – but it seems our heroines did not use any protection with their lovers, and within the year, Julie had a baby sister – and Vicki had a cute little granddaughter.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - A Fine Family from Stepford

Stepford Family

KEITH: My son and I had not seen my brother or nephew in over 5 years!

GREG: Yep and Dad and I were not at all ready for their brand new look!

MIKE: You should have seen the look in your eyes, cuz!

CARL: Sorry for the deceit, but it was the best way our masters/husbands to recruit new sissy boi wives for the hundreds of Alpha males flocking to Stepford monthly!

My master Patrick saw our family scrapbook; he knew that if my new daughter and I took so well to being dedicated homemakers and subservient fuck-toys in the bedroom, that my “sister” and“niece” would also make two sexy shemales!

MOLLY: Just like Mom and me – don’t you love it when a real man fucks you like you’re his whore?

KATIE: I never knew how wonderful cock was!

GINA: Me neither Mom, and we are just as sexy and beautiful and docile as Molly and Auntie! What great role models they are for us nu gurls!

CLAIRE: And it’s just getting started. To think, 5 years ago, we never dreamed we’d be so damn happy. Imagine two sisters and their daughters, not having to worry about a job or supporting a family. We just have to be good housewives, and take care of every one of our masters' needs!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Unusual Punishment (but not cruel, actually a lot of fun)

Unusual Punishment

Mitch Conors, 44, was not always the best role model to his 18 year old son Wyatt. The twosome were acted quite boorish by choosing to go to the football game rather than attend Tanya’s wedding. Tanya’s sister and maid of honor was Lucy, Mitch’s wife and Wyatt’s stepmom, and she was mortified – social climbing bitch that she was. She had lent Mitch $1000 supposed on getting new suits for him and the boy – which they blew on tickets, hot dogs and lots of beer!

She demanded retribution – on her own cruel terms!

So what cruel and unusual punishment did she have in mind? How about blackmailing them into dressing up as women for a bridal show her friend Tina was holding that next month?

They fought it for a while – until they saw each other in gorgeous evening gowns. “Monica” had to admit to her daughter “Winnie” – the feels of the silky lingerie was quite arousing, and they enjoyed the lusty looks men were giving them as they sashayed down the ramp.

Tanya was pissed that her evil plans backfired – she left them soon after and the Conors soon were in demand as fashion models. They still loved football and beer – but also loved shopping, primping, romantic getaways and learning how much fun being a sexy mom and hottie daughter could be!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Madame Jae's - Bikini Bonanza II part 3 - finale





After an entire week in provocative clothes, especially those tiny bikinis and silky lingerie, there was no way Raquel and Bella wanted to resume their dull lives as guys again. They were closer than ever as mother/daughter, and best girlfriends at that.

They also now have boyfriends, and Tony and A.J. saw to it that their T-girl queen and princess would always be happy. They showered them with gifts, compliments, and affectionate kisses and hugs. The girls rewarded their men by always dressing to arouse, and it worked.

As a foursome or as individual couples, they toyed and teased with each other’s bodies, and spent many long nights – and days – intertwined as lovers. Raquel and Bella teased each other about their lovers size, stamina, and lovemaking techniques and about which horny shemale had the most earth shattering orgasms.

And after that vacation, Raquel moved in with Tony, while Bella enrolled at Tech to be with her A.J. They became full time Madame Jae girls, and the Jae Juice kept them girlish and horny. A year later, Raquel wears an engagement ring; the wedding will be next summer, and Bella the Bridesmaid will help Mom shop for just the right gown. Then all four are going back to Madame Jae’s Resort, where it all began!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TGT Network's New Series


Roses Are Pink

Emmy winner Mike Rose has a new show that blurs the line between reality, fantasy, and insanity, as well as obliterates the great gender divide!

Why are Mike (38) and his sons Billy (7), Jake (16), and Travis (14) dressed the way they are , and why are they smiling?

Can a man and his three sons really make it as a female family?

Watch as Becky, Josie, and Tami cope with their sudden girlishness, with “support” from their beautiful mother –Melanie Rose – who has her own career and new social life to deal with. The community is shocked. The school board is concerned. Melanie’s boss is intrigued. And guys are lining up outside their door?

Good luck ladies - you’ll need it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Always There for Me

She Is Always There For Me

June 16, 2026 – I always kept this photo of Mom and I on my tablet, as a reminder of the day I discovered the real me – Rebecca. Dad knew how miserable I was as Robbie – she had spent 28 years as Tom and her transition to the lovely Teri gave her the peace of mind she needed to survive. On a whim, she ordered something special online…

“Mom, this feels… AMAZING! Oh my gosh, I look so… I look like…”

“You look like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen honey. I love how this wig makes you look so adorable. And I loved the pattern on your top and panties so much – well, I saw the same pattern on a big girl set for me. Like daughter, like mother, eh?”

“Oh Mom, you’re so beautiful. I… I wish I could grow up and be as pretty and sexy as you!”

“Darling, I’ll do everything I can to make that dream come true. Mom will always be there for you. I love you so much, Rebecca Marie!”

And as if on queue, my best friend and role model rang me on my phone…

“I’ll be there in an hour. I’m so excited to be shopping for your wedding gown.”

“And my pretty lingerie, Mom.”

“Rebecca, that reminds me of the special day years ago. And now, I’m going to help you drive your Jay wild on your wedding night, just like I did with your stepfather. My baby girl is going to be the happiest and loveliest bride ever!”

“Mom, you’re always there for me – I love you so much! And I’ve grown up to be just like YOU!”

Saturday, September 10, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Instant Trophy Family 2.0


Nick Holiday and Paul Jackson were college roommates who went into business together – but Nick’s wife drive a wedge between them and their company went under. Paul went to the corporate world and soon was a Senior VP – while Stephanie’s reckless spending bankrupted Nick and ruined his credit rating.

Their sons Adam and Michael were so supportive of their dad. They also knew that Nick sometimes copedwith the stress by dressing in Mom’s nightgown and a wig. Desperately, they called “Uncle Paul” and begged him to help .

The lifelong bachelor picked up the trio and snuck them out of town with a mad plan. A year later, and neither Stephanie nor the IRS can locate the three guys. But Angela and Melissa are adapting well to being Paul’s teen daughters (and they enjoyed being high school hotties with hunky boyfriends!)

And Noreen found that life as a stay at home mom is much more fulfilling than she could have imagined. She also loved the way her best friend Paul made her feel as his loving wife – his sweet & sexy little woman!

This wonderful new family was happy and 100% REAL!

Friday, September 9, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Grow Up (and out!) ( @ )( @ )

“Oh Grow Up, Dad!!”

Mark: Who is this “Dad” you are speaking of, honey? Do you know of any Dad with a body like mine? Your Daddy is the hottest dancer at the Red Velvet Lounge – “son”!

Kevin: My dear Daddy is the sluttiest shemale whore in five counties. Don’t you have any self respect – or did the surgeon throw that out to make room for your implants?

Mimi: I love who I am, dear child. Thirty years of posing as an ineffectual male are history. But just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I don’t take my parental duties seriously - and I don’t care for your tone or your words, young man err young woman!

Kylie: Look, I’m just as much a female inside as you, and you did help me transition into a cute girl before heading off to college. But how can I compete with a mother who is a stripper? I feel more stupid and inadequate now than I did as a dorky teenager!

Mimi: Kylie, do you think I just woke up one morning looking and feeling like this. I had many a day where I just wanted to blow away – I looked like a man pretending to be a woman. I wanted you to transition more gradually, and now that you are eighteen, I want to propose a deal to you. My boyfriend, Carlo, the club manager, is always looking for more hot T-girls to dance and “entertain the clients” if you know what I mean J I got him to agree to my terms, baby: if you maintain 3.0 in your classes and graduate on time, next summer, he’ll pay for you to get tits like mine, facial reconstruction, and carte blanche to get the sexiest wardrobe ever. You’ll also work at the Red Velvet Club on weekends and summer; you’ll work your way from waitress to on stage talent – and when you graduate, and once you’ve learned the art of the lap dance and the how to use your body to make money and make men cum, you can join your Mom as the co-headliner. You’ll have a body like mine, but you’ll have something I don’t - a college degree. I love you so much, and I will do anything to see my little girl be a success!

Kylie: What a great Mom you are! Say – can I help you thank Carlo tonight? (giggle)