Friday, August 26, 2011

MOTB: Hen Party

MOTB Tales :

Welcome to the HEN PARTY!

My wife Barb are so proud of our son Jacob as he prepares to marry his darling Debbie – but her family is a little bit more uptight than ours, so they would have frowned on me taking Jake and his buddies out for a bachelor party with binge drinking and strippers giving lap dances – but Barb and I had a great plan B for the young lovers.

We made sure that Kate and her daughter Jenna came to Debbie’s henparty. You see, Kate is the other me – when I’m not being boring old CPA Ken. I’ve been both supportive husband and best girlfriend to my Barbie, and she loves having a husband who enjoys shopping for cute clothes, and sharing a cock or two – hundred; yea, we’re a little wild and unconventional.

And if you didn’t figure it out, Jenna is Jacob, and has been since she debuted at the womanless pageant Jake’s school had his junior year (she won, of course). I took Jenna out on a double date the day she turned 18, and that night I saw her become a woman, as we had a blast as a sexy mom/daughter combo.

Well the good news is that Deb is not nearly as prudish as the rest of her family. She caught on early to the identities of Kate and Jenna, and the four of us enjoyed the show as four or five pieces of prime beefcake strutted across the stage, their lovely cocks glistening.

Barbie slipped Tony and Shawn $200 each and invited them back to our private suite at the club. Barb & Deb worked on Tony’s schlong while my Jenna and I lavishly sucked and swallowed Shawn.

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