Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Madame Jae's - The Murphys story arc with some DRAMA (for you mamas!)...



The Murphys:

Where’s Amber? pt 1

Ginger: Lisa! Is Amber with you? Is she in the car?

Lisa: What do you mean is she with me, Mom? She came home with you, right? She’s not here in the house? What’s going on?

Ginger: Oh God…. darling, I just got home myself. I… I spent the night with Jerry. I’m sorry I lost track of time. I could have sworn that you were taking Amber which is why I made the decision to…

Lisa: You slept with Jerry? At his house… you had sex last…

Ginger: Lisa (sigh) I made a horrible choice last night in abandoning both of you… not because I wanted to be with Jerry. He was so good to me last night. But I absolutely lost my head from the booze and how horny I was last night!

Lisa: Oh my God…. Mom, I just came home from spending the night with Dustin. I… I was absolutely insane with lust for him… I could have sworn Amber came home with you! (tearing up) Where is she? Her first night out with a boy… and we abandoned her. She could be in great danger!

Ginger: OK let’s not panic…. Wait is that your phone?

Lisa: Oh please be Amber, please be her… wait I have to answer this as Larry (in male voice) hello? (in female voice) Yes, I’m her mother. Where is she? (writes down instructions) Yes, her “nana” is here in too. OK, thank you very much, we’ll be right down there in just five minutes!

Ginger: Lisa? Who was that? Is Amber alright?

Lisa: Mom, she’s at the police station – let’s go there now!

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