Saturday, August 20, 2011

MADAME JAE'S - Beauty At Any Age

Beauty At Any Age

“Rachel, Donna… we sure could use your help now," sighed John Sterling, 58, as he sat outside the therapists office where his grandson, Brian, 16, was inside getting treatment.

Rachel was John’s wife, and Donna was his daughter – and when they died in a traffic accident, it fell to him to raise his grandson alone. And today, the gender specialist told him that Brian was a girl in spirit, if not in body. Having grown up on the farm, John knew that they were probably telling the truth – Brian was definitely not very mannish – but to dress in women’s clothes, makeup, etc, when you were born the way you were?

“It’s hard for me to comprehend,” he told Dr. Brown, “But he’s all I have left in my family; I’ll be there for my grand… daughter.”

The therapist gave John a card – Madame Jae’s Salon, Central Avenue - and suggested that Brian be given a makeover, to help him assimilate as a girl. 2 hours later, a perky blonde dream appeared.

“My Lord… you’re so beautiful… Bailey,” John gasped as he choked up at the sight of his beautiful girl.

The teen blushed and thanked Gramps for the gift and his understanding. The famed Madame complimented Bailey, and then asked John to step into a corner salon room for a little chat.

“We know you wish the women of your family were here to help her grow into her new identity; well, I think we can help you help Bailey, and perhaps help yourself as well.”

John wished to resist, but what Madame said made far more sense – after all, he was in a rut in his life.

“Why not?” as he finally surrendered his pride – and a smiling mature and curvy beauty emerged.

“Grandma Joann, you look so pretty!”, gushed Bailey. And both ladies were excited their debut at the J-Club mixer.

Will someone ask us to dance??

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