Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Where In The World... are her husband and son?


Richard Anderson was the city’s best PI for hire. Today an heiress who’s husband Roger and son Wayne haven’t been seen in two years hired Anderson to locate them.

“Hopefully they haven’t gone far – I’ll give you an update in a week,” he promised, and he drove to his modest home in a quiet neighborhood.

His MILFy new girlfriend, Raquel, and her hottie coed daughter Willow – each a curvy blonde slut - laughed as he described his new assignment.

“Mom, isn’t it ironic that Daddy here knows exactly where those two naughty boys are?”

Raquel licked her lips and agreed.

“Baby girl, not only does he know where they are – he knows what they both want – they

want what is in his pants.”

Now shirtless, Dick Anderson leaned back and patted his “girls” on their bubble butts.

The best part is – she has to pay me by the hour – whether I find father and son or not. This will pay for your boob jobs , girls!”

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