Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - Twin Sisters of Different Mothers

Twin Sisters of Different Mothers

Gordon LaSalle and Tom Jenkins were roommates in college, and they were from different worlds. Gordon was from NYC, and Tom from Iowa, and yet the city slicker and farm boy were destined to be best friends – and sisters. A frat initiation forced the duo to dress in drag, and each had an epiphany, and they enjoy cross dressing as Gayle and Tori.

They kept a second set of clothes in their apartment and double dated often. Guys had no idea that the petite brunette and slinky blonde were “special” gurls, and the duo enjoyed teasing AND pleasing themselves and their admirers.

But as the school year ended, the “sisters” had to go home, to their dads. Allen LaSalle was rich but lonely after his 3rd wife left him, while Ed Jenkins drove a Deere for hours to forget the pain of burying Tom’s mother. The girls – and hatched – a mad plan to double their ranks.

Each worked their magic on their dads – who loved the way they looked and bonded with their new daughters as moms. A month before school started, Tori and Emma drove East and met Gayle and Anna.

The mommies soon were like sisters themselves, and the new cougars joined their kittens in getting their “claws” on some hot studs!

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