Saturday, August 6, 2011

ANNIE'S CAPS - The Stallion and His Fillies

THE STALLION and his Lil’ Fillies

Hank “Stallion” Chapman and Waylon “Pony” Williams were hit makers 20 years ago in Nashville, but Pony fell in love and decided to return to the Lone Star State a decade ago after his nasty divorce.

“I got custody of Michael, Joshua, and Calvin, and I need to get them away from this place,” Pony told his buddy. They stayed in touch, and Stallion’s career as a solo artist took off.

But after a while, Stallion couldn’t locate Pony or his boys, and then one day, a curvy blonde woman with three pretty daughters showed up backstage at a show, with an amazing tale to tell.

“Well believe it or not, it’s me Waylon – only you can call me Wanda now. Me and the boys were rafting down the Red River when camped by the shore. Turns out it was a haunted Indian burial ground, and the spirits punished us by taking our manhood, and the world never believed we were father and sons to begin with. But we turned the curse into a blessing – and I have three awesome daughters – Marie, Jennifer, and Cassandra – who are going to grow up to be happy and pretty young women."

"And as a woman – as much as it may shock you – I want to be with you, as your wife and lover. Now that you’re single again, I thought we could be partners again, only life partners – and you’ll have the joy of being a step-dad.”

Crazy as it sounds, Stallion knew Wanda was telling the truth, and they were married later that year. Stallion likes showing off his new family whenever he’s in the public eye – and soon, he and Wanda will be showing off their new baby girl!

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